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If you would like to replace old wallpaper, add an accent wall or install wallpaper in any room, call me.

Hi, I'm Katie and I have extensive experience selecting wallpaper, installing it and helping with interior design.
I will supply all the tools needed. I can either hang wallpaper supplied by you or bring wallpaper design books
and supply the wallpaper you select.

Call today for a free estimate! It will transform any room in your house. Providing quality Wallpaper Installation in the Toronto Area at competitive prices.


Phone: 905-467-4587
E-mail: katie@katieswallpaper.ca

Popular Wallpaper Design Ideas

The Powder Room

Currently, one of the most popular Wallpaper Installations are taking place in Powder Rooms. They are a great place to start and explore the difference wallpaper can make to room in your home.

The Powder Room is a place where you can be creative with your Wallpaper selection, be bold, select stripes and patterns. It is also a great place to start due to lower costs, less wallpaper is required to finish a Powder Room than a most other rooms in your home.

The photo on the right is an example of one of our Wallpaper Installations in a Powder Room. In this case, the wallpaper was installed hortizontally, creating a unique and modern design.

Phone: 905-467-4587
E-mail: katie@katieswallpaper.ca





Accent Walls

Whether it's your Entrance Foyer or a Bedroom, Wallpaper Accent Walls will instantly create a WOW Factor in any room. As with Powder Rooms, the costs are relatively low, as you only need to purchase and install Wallpaper on a single wall in the room you select, although the impact is enjoyed in the entire room.

You can pick almost any Wallpaper Style when it comes to Accent Walls. You can use a basic textured wallpaper and provide contrast with a darker shade, or you can offer a pop of design with any pattern you like best.

The photo on the right is an example of one of our Wallpaper Installation on an Accent Wall in a Bedroom.

Phone: 905-467-4587
E-mail: katie@katieswallpaper.ca




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